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Find The Real In Real Estate

Steady Growth | Cash Flow | Tax Benefits

Our Mission & Goals

Our mission is to help individuals find financial freedom through collective real estate investing.

Seroda Capital is committed to protecting our investors’ capital, taking good care of invested funds by ensuring consistent, passive income while adding value by diversifying their financial portfolio.

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Incomparable asset performance is the result of a carefully executed plan. All our projects begin with our process-driven approach designed to maximize the value of the property. This process starts the day we first set sight on an acquisition and does not end until we exit the investment.

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Our Process

We find the properties, negotiate the price and capital funding, and seal the deal.

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All Investors can partner in the real estate transactions.

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Perform value adds, drive up operational efficiency, increase income sources, Collect rent.

Our Benefits

Why Partner with Us

Real estate has a robust history of boosting diversified portfolios and ensuring solid, risk-adjusted yields for investors. Our success stems from in-depth local research, global analytics and insights, and a process-driven approach to carefully invest and develop our assets.

Steady Growth

Real Estate is generally less risky than the stock Market and has stronger return potential

Cash Flow

Receive monthly payments from tenants to pay expenses and increase cash flow

Tax Benefits

Standard or straight-line depreciation


Utilize the debt to increase the ROI and minimize risk

Property Appreciation

Appreciation of assets over time


Reposition each asset through insights, science, and analytics


Transparent process that gives a sense of security from investments


Buy right, finance right, and manage right


Ensures attractive, risk-adjusted returns, and relatively low volatility

About Us

Investing in the NEXT GENERATION of property entrepreneurs

As one of the pioneers in the industry, Seroda Capital is a San Diego-based venture capital firm that specializes in investing in property entrepreneurs and high growth real estate ventures spanning across new investment platforms, services, and advisory businesses.

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